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Supernatural’s 11th season begins October 7th. That makes it the longest running sci-fi show on American prime time television. WBTV began the panel with a look back at the last 10 years of Supernatural with a video that was shown at their 200th episode party. They have only been back in production for four days with an episode for season 11 that Jensen Ackles (Dean) is directing, so they weren’t able to show any new footage. They said they fired Baby back up three nights ago in downtown Vancouver. The panel was hosted by two fan favorites Rob Benedict (Chuck) and Richard Speight Jr (Gabriel).

Jeremy Carver (showrunner) did give us an idea what next season holds. He said with the new big bad of the “darkness” the show is going back to the epic quest feel and will have the brothers united and working together. He said it was a pre-biblical story that has never been told. They emphasized that it will go back to a similar feeling as season 1 with the boys against the world. When asked if the boys will win against the darkness, Jared Padalecki (Sam) added one of his terrible jokes, “We’ll beat it because we aren’t the Lose-Chesters.”


They danced around what happened to Crowley. When we left him in season 10, he was getting a beatdown from Castiel (who was cursed by Crowley’s dear old mum) and the last moment sure looked like Cas was about to kill Crowley. Mark Sheppard (Crowley) was on the panel which gives hope to those who think Crowley didn’t die or figures out some way to be resurrected. It is doubtful that they would kill off such a beloved character and besides on Supernatural being dead doesn’t mean much. Mark did say over and over, “I’m pretty dead.” But added, “Even if I knew what was going to happen, I wouldn’t tell you because it’s too much damn fun.”


The highlight of the panel might be when Rob pulled out a stuffed hamster doll saying it was the hamster that played against Crowley this season. Naturally, it asked some questions with the help of Richard. This had the entire room including the panel in stitches.


One audience Q&A did ask why they killed Charlie. Jeremy said it was necessary for the story and Jensen added that she was supposed to have been in only one episode but was brought back because she resonating so much with the fans, so “we should be thankful for the time we got to spend with her.”

At the end of the panel they showed the season 10 gag reel as is tradition.

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