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The WBTV panel in Hall H started off with Arrow. They will begin filming season 4 next week in Vancouver so they did not have any new footage to show. The panel started off with Stephen Amell coming out in the new GREEN Arrow suit and giving a modified version of the opening credits speech, “You have NOT failed this city, Comic-Con!”


This coming season he will officially be the Green Arrow. They didn’t hint at what brings him back to Starling City, but did say he will have more of the Green Arrow characteristics. He even gets to joke in the Team Arrow Cave. This season will be less serious in general. There is a sense of relief now that everyone knows everyone’s secret identities (finally!).


A few new characters will be added this coming season. Damien Darhk seems to be the new big bad and I’m still hoping he ends up being Felicity’s father. The Batman villain, Anarky, will be joining Damien this season. Mr. Terrific will be joining Team Arrow and he will be LGBT. Also, Diggle finally gets his own costume and helmet this season. And they said that Merlyn will be back in his hood by episode 3. Although, he is still Ra’s. John Barrowman had his own personal Ra’s al Ghul ring made, which he wore to the panel.

After Arrow, they brought out The Flash. Again since they haven’t begun filming season 2 they didn’t have new footage to show. There was a sizzle reel of the upcoming season showing a white Flash running through the city with VoiceOver that hinted at upcoming plots. Barry seemed to be questioning his decision to not save his mom. The part that got the biggest reaction from the audience was Jay Garrick introducing himself.


Jay is the first person to have called himself Flash. They also said another Flash, Wally West, will be making an appearance this season. As we left last season with Barry running into a blackhole, we will be seeing more of the parallel worlds this season including Earth 2, which might explain the additional Flashes.

The big bad for this coming season of the Flash will be Zoom. He will be a formidable opponent as he is known to be able to reach speeds faster than the Flash. On Team Flash they will be adding Patty Spivot and I can see her being a possible love interest for Barry. Now that Iris is finally in the know on Barry’s secret, she will be spending more time helping out at STAR Labs.


Tom Cavanaugh was on the panel and will be appearing next season as Harrison Wells, so it will be interesting to see how he is introduced and how he will be interacting with the rest of the team now. They also mentioned Henry Allen will be getting out of jail soon. The possibility of appearances of Killer Frost and Vibe next season were left up in the air.

“It’s a team up!” Legends of Tomorrow was brought out next. We saw the same trailers and clips that had been out online for a couple months. They said it will be a mid-season show because they need to set up some of the characters in The Flash and Arrow. For example, when we left Ray Palmer he was miniaturized in an explosion with the city believing him dead and before Legends they will establish how he comes back. We also need to find out the story behind Sara Lance’s resurrection and how she becomes the White Canary. Caity Lotz reminded us that when you go into the Lazarus Pit, it is a different person who comes out and that she is the “most dangerous because she doesn’t fear death.”


The producers promised that Legends will be as different from The Flash and Arrow as they are from each other. It will be all the crazy ideas they had and couldn’t do in the other shows. Plus there will be time travel!

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