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This is The Walking Dead’s sixth year at Comic-Con. They brought the premiere of the trailer for the new season. It showed an Alexandria that appears torn with people turning against Rick and walkers in the town. Morgan is featured heavily throughout the trailer and it seems he may be leading the group against Rick. The moment that got the biggest reaction from the audience was a shot where Daryl is tied up with a gun to his head. Although, Scott Gimple said, “We sometimes play with truth in the trailers.”


The panel consisted of the much of the main cast and producers minus Lauren Conrad and Robert Kirkman, although the cast had Kirkman t-shirts and masks to represent him. The host of the panel, Chris Hardwick, promised the season 6 premiere will have the largest walker battle ever on the show with hundreds of walkers. It will be an hour and half premiere on October 11th. The coming season is said to play with time and have more flashbacks, including an episode that is entirely a flashback. We are going to see more of Morgan’s journey and why he was so interested in finding Rick. Also, the Wolves will be a part of season 6 but Scott Gimple says in a way you didn’t expect. One interesting bit of casting news is that Merritt Weaver has been cast as a character from the comic book, but they didn’t specify who. They also said they are not through with The Wire cast yet.


Playing Morgan in the show, this is Lennie James’ first time on The Walking Dead panel and he certainly seems to play a big part in the coming season. He is said to really be the wild card in this season. He has changed a lot since we last saw him and Rick has changed as well. This sets up a big conflict in the season.


They ended the panel with the season 5 gag reel which had Andrew Lincoln cursing and punching things a lot, as expected.

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