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Let me start by saying the actors of Game of Thrones (at least the ones at the panel) know nothing about what will happen next season. Natalie Dormer said, “I don’t have an effing clue.” Carice van Houten said, “I am as much in the dark as you are and it is full of terrors.” The producer, Carol Strauss, assured that the levels of secrecy since they have gone past the books have increased enormously, but that show runners, Benioff and Weiss have been keeping information very close to their chests.


As they have not yet began filming on season 6, they had no new clips to show. Instead they brought original audition tapes of actors on the show. Many were shown saying their most famous lines including, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” This featurette will be included in the special features on the season 5 blu-ray.


The issues with patriarchy and rape was brought up. Carol Strauss mentioned that she felt the world is actually bad for everyone. Sophie Turner addressed the difficult scene by saying, “There is one thing Sansa still is, despite everything that happened, strong.” Gwendolyn Christie spoke about Brienne saying she loved the role because she thinks it is a “powerful modern representation of women” especially when it comes to her relationship to Jaime Lannister.

The director of multiple episodes including The Rains of Castamere (Red Wedding), The Dance with Dragons, and Mother’s Mercy was on the panel. He said his greatest fan experience was meeting President Obama who asked him, “You didn’t kill Jon Snow, did you?”


I’ll leave you with one interesting bit of trivia: the outfit worn by Theon (Reek) to Sansa and Ramsay’s wedding was Robb Stark’s.

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