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Fear the Walking Dead is the new companion series to The Walking Dead from Robert Kirkman. They premiered the full trailer at the panel. Dave Erickson, showrunner, discussed how this show will differ from TWD. Taking place in Los Angeles the geography automatically sets it apart. It also takes place prior to TWD, it covers the time period that Rick was in the coma at the start of the outbreak. It is about how people adjust to what is happening and they said the first episodes are really about the “shark you don’t see.” Greg Nicotero mentioned even the walkers are different. These are freshly turned, less decomposed – looking more sickly than scary.


The producers emphasized that this show is really a family drama that filters the apocalypse through them and shows how it effects them. The main group in this show lacks the obvious leader that Rick is in TWD. It is a show about everyday people in an extraordinary situation. The cast is lead by Kim Dickens (Deadwood, Treme’) who plays a guidance counselor. She is part of a blended family with issues. Her family has no true survival skills and would not be prepared for his situation at all. This show is about how they deal with it, the realization of what this outbreak is and the desire to believe that someone else is handling it or the media is overreacting.


Fear the Walking Dead will premiere August 23rd and end its first run before The Walking Dead comes back. Chris Hardwick said that they won’t have Talking Dead with it until the season finale.

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