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Hunger Games had its final Comic-Com panel with Mockingjay Part Two hosted by Conan O’Brien who is apparently Team Josh. They began the panel by filling Hall H with a drum corps dressed in white uniforms matching the District 13 soldier uniforms in the viral videos. After the drum corps they showed a short message from District 13 asking us to unite.

The panel consisted of actors, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Willow Sheilds, and Director Francis Lawrence and producer, Nina Jacobson. They all mentioned the sadness they had in completing the series with Nina mentioning they wished there were more books to interpret. The final scene shot was with Jennifer and Woody, but Liam and Josh both came that day. Jennifer said there were tears and lots of hugging, plus a speech from Woody.

As far as how the movie compares to the books, Francis mentioned if you loved the ending in the books you will love the ending in the movies. They did say there were some changes but in the end they wanted to be true to the books. What they want people to take away from the movies was the sense of hope and empowerment and that the future is truly in your hands.

Jennifer mentioned that doing these movies changed her life. When asked how she said goodbye to Katniss, she said, “I’ll never really say goodbye to her, she is so much a part of me.”

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