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FIRST POST Unlocked!

I’m Jenny from Pop Cult Binge and The Film Podcast. This is my new section called Taste and Paste. The “taste” is for the foodie in me, and the “paste” is for the DIYer in me.

First things first, I’m the realest… sorry had to. But for real, I’m a cosplayer. Super duper amateur cosplayer. My first cosplay I was proud of was Leeloo from Fifth Element. Not the super slutty white ribbon one; the tight gold pants and orange overalls one. I made the overalls out of duct tape and found all the rest of the pieces around the house (gold leggings were from H&M). Finishing touch was the orange hairspray. I dreaded my hair with Elmer’s glue and then sprayed the color hairspray all over. Maybe not the best treatment for my hair, but it worked and I didn’t go bald so.. success! I wore this for Halloween in college 2009 and then to my first Comic Con in 2011. The duct tape overalls lasted fine through a night of college drinking, but didn’t last through the whole day of Comic Con. If I ever want to be Leeloo again, I’ll need to buy sturdier overalls.

A few other cosplays over the years:

  • Black Widow- before Avengers came out (said the hipster in me) also on an out-of-college/ still-no-job-yet budget
  • Dr. Ellie Sadler- still one of my faves, I’ve worn it at least 6 times (2 Halloween parties, Comic Con ‘12, 2 work Halloween events, & the Jurassic World premiere)
  • Louise Belcher (Rorry AKA Groathardstroke went as Linda)- comfiest outfit award (Comic Con ‘13, WonderCon ‘14, and Halloween)
  • Banana Stand employee from Arrested Development- also comfy and a hit with Bluth fans
  • Lara Croft- specifically from the Tomb Raider 2013 reboot game, I put a lot of work into this one and love how it turned out
  • Rainbow Brite- totally cheated and used an already made costume from a friend
  • Wendy Peffercorn from the Sandlot (Rorry went as Squints)- so much fun, also very easy

I’m currently working on a San costume from Princess Mononoke for this year’s Comic Con. Only a week away, but I swear I’ll be done! I’ll share some progress pics over the next few posts (when I’m not vigorously working on the costume, of course).

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