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COMIC-CON Thursday Programming

We will probably spend most of Thursday in line for the Star Wars panel in Hall H on Friday. But, if waiting in line 24 hours for some The Force Awakens news doesn’t sound like how you want to spend your Thursday at SDCC, here are some of the Thursday panels that we think could be cool. 

Let’s start with Hall H. The last installment of The Hunger Games will be at noon with Conan O’Brien moderating. Doctor Who is moving from Sunday to Thursday with their panel at 2:15 – this one should be good as it is Peter Capaldi’s first SDCC. After that Alan Tudyk is bringing his project with Nathan Fillion, Con Man, about their experiences at various conventions over the last 13 years. It will be at 3:45. 

For some counter programming we have a ton of TV in Ballroom 20. At noon CBS is bringing in its lineup with the two shows I am looking forward to hearing about, Scorpion and the new show Limitless. Going opposite Con Man in Hall H at 3:45 is one of the few surprises in the schedule – Steven Moffat is once again bringing Sherlock to SDCC. This might split the WhoLock crowd who won’t be able to get from the Doctor Who panel in Hall H to this one. It could be a great panel even though neither Benedict nor Martin will be there. The last time they brought Sherlock they played a scene from the upcoming series that they did not release online prior to airing the show and with the special completed filming I bet we get a good clip!  After that we have Teen Wolf and their huge fan base. 

Here are some other interesting panels around the Con on Thursday.  The Indigo Ballroom has Felicia Day with Geek and Sundry at 1pm. Sense8 is in room 5AB at 5pm. Drunk History is in the Indigo Ballroom at 6pm. NASA talks about going to Mars at 6pm in room 6BCF.

If you aren’t waiting out for Star Wars, what Thursday panels are you excited for? For the WhoLockians would you go to Doctor Who or Sherlock?!

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