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SPOILER ALERT! Proceed only if you’ve watched Saturday’s season 3 finale of ORPHAN BLACK.

The Season 3 Finale of Orphan Black gave us one thing this show rarely does – hope. Yes, there was death, despair, and even some good old twists, but for once we ended a season on a happy note – Sarah playing in the snow with Kira being watched lovingly by her Mom, Mrs. S, and her older seestra/clone-mom/Grandmother, Kendall Malone. Prior to that we even had a happy seestra reunion with four of the clones sitting down to dinner and celebrating Alison’s School Board win. Overall, this season finale gave us closure on most of the storylines, while opening another door with new questions and giving season 4 a return of some old bad guys.

Orphan 2

But, with all the closure this episode gave us it did take some dark turns. The Castor defect finally took the life of Rudy. He fought to the very end (literally) in one badass fight with Helena. At the end, we see empathy from Helena as she laid next to him, talking gently, guiding him to his death – I believe we call that character development! With his death and the fact that Mrs. S and Sarah have the Castor original, if this isn’t the end of Project Castor it does feel like we won’t be dealing with them much next season. Another bit of good news is that it looks like Cosima and Mark will be cured of their defects with Kendall’s DNA.

This season finale seemed to be setting up next season and who our new bad baddies will be – the Neolutionists. We found out that they are the ones who are holding Rachel hostage (side note: how cool was her new bionic eye?) and that her mom, the other Professor Duncan is there. We discovered that Ferdinand really, really hates Neolutionists – so if we are fighting them I bet he joins team Clone Club. Dr. Nealon was also a secret Neolution spy and tried to kill Delphine with a crazy worm thing crawling out of his mouth (I suddenly felt like I was watching an X-Files episode). Although, Delphine was able to fight him off she does end up shot at the end of the episode. We are left to wonder if it was fatal and who her killer is.


The verdict for this season was that it felt a bit clumsy. There were so many storylines and new characters being thrown in the mix that it was confusing at times. It may play better in a binge-watching scenario rather than week-to-week. They amazingly wrapped up all the stories at the end, but I am left wondering the point of Shay, Jason and the drug dealers, and Helena’s boyfriend, Jesse – they all felt like unnecessary b-line stories which made the whole season a little too murky. One highlight this season was Mrs. S and all we learned about her history. Anytime we get to see the amazing work of Maria Doyle Kennedy, I am a happy camper. Here’s hoping with a clear villain season 4 will have a stronger foundation.

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