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Much of what Square Enix had to share was already shown (even exact same videos), and the new items were hardly exciting among the replayed footage and poorly handled execution of the show itself.  The show just plain dragged.

Just Cause 3 is actually due out at the end of this year along with Hitman.  They also showed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which is slated for early 2016.  Both Final Fantasy materials and Tomb Raider were shown yesterday at other conferences and did not get the same reaction.  Lara Croft Go and Kingdom Hearts were mobile games that could have been left out of a press conference and announced any time.

Of everything shown, Kingdom Hearts 3 was the most interesting.  Unfortunately, we have zero indication of when this will be available.  A new Nier, Star Ocean 5, and a new RPG from a new Square Enix studio were all announced.  While it is exciting that a whole studio is devoted to cranking out new IP in a genre for which the company is famous, this is too little information to be your show closer.  Overall, the crowd seemed tuned out and ready to get to floor to try things that can actually be played.

Source: E3, Kotaku, Square Enix

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