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There were a lot of guns throughout this bad boy, but Aisha once again hosts a great press conference.  It even kicked off with quite a surprising sequel.

That’s right! Trey and Matt who had sworn off making games after their trouble with Stick of Truth are taking it back and releasing The Fractured But Whole.  This time the South Park characters will be reprising their show roles as super hero characters.  This looks at the very least a huge laugh.  It’ll be interesting to see how much they can improve after getting their first game under their belts.

For Honor is a new Ubi IP that got me a bit excited.  The battling feels deliberate, decisive, and highly reactionary.  It is also hard to pass an opportunity to don my chainmail and prove my knightly valor.  We saw some Crew and Trials announced which is great for those players, but was strange that they had so much stage time.  Trackmania Turbo is also coming to consoles which is more cars (Sony may please me at this point by avoiding showing cars :P).  For lovers of Sim City, community management, and resource gathering, Anno starts you off on Earth and lets you progress your society to travel off the homeworld.

The Ubisoft press conference had a bevy of sequels that feel all over the spectrum.  Personally between Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division, and Ghost Recon, I am a little overloaded with gunplay especially in one stream.  Just Dance announced their next installment.  Unfortunately, it is still on last generation consoles and they announced no camera required.  Which is great for many customers, but I really enjoyed the power of my Kinect and actually having to use my entire body to 5 star songs.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate looks great.  With all of Unity‘s hiccups, this is a big year for them.  It is looking pretty, people love the setting, but hopefully it plays well when it releases.

Sony has had all day to feel the waters and tinker.  They’ll end the day at 6:00 pst.

Source: E3, Ubisoft

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