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SONY E3 2015

Sony shocked viewers today with a huge array of announcements of new technology, reviving thought-dead games, and remakes.

Whether it is because you are a fan, didn’t believe it existed, or had just given up hope, The Last Guardian is real.  I don’t have a PS4, but I will be finding a way to play this.  I’ve got some time though.  Although it has been in development forever, it is still slated for 2016.  Team Ico has nailed it with two games for me so far, and I have no doubt this will be the same caliber.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a new IP that looked quite stunning right after PS4 dropped their bomb.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get any time frame on when this cool adventure would be in gamers’ hands.  This seemed to be a theme throughout the show where they were more focused on showing the future.  This included other later Playstation games HitmanDreams, and Firewatch.  With a holiday season on the brink, they filled the rest of the show with multiplatform games including the soon to be released Batman Arkham KnightAssassin’s Creed Syndicate, Destiny (sigh) DLC, and a new Call of Duty.  Then there was also a second monster announcement.

In contrast with the vast amount of groans for each remake/remaster we’ve been receiving of late, Final Fantasy 7 was met with nothing but pure pleasure.  A very interesting note was that it was very unclear if it was a Playstation exclusive.  Xbox is very likely to gain this with the way the announcement was worded as well as knowing Kingdom Hearts 3 (strangely absent) will be multiplatform.

A Shenmue 3… Kickstarter was announced and met with another swell of excitement.  The Playstation Vue news on their TV plans also met similar excitement which is strange considering the harsh kickback the internet has shown to any other announcements of the sort.

Star Wars Battlefront (also on Xbox) got more stage time at the Sony conference so… I shall use that as an excuse to link it once more. 🙂

There was also No Man’s Sky showing the unbelievable scope of the space explorer.  Sony then ended with the game that can’t come soon enough.  Uncharted 4 complete with a beautiful environment and free driving cars.

They put on one heck of a show.  Pleased a lot of gamer wishes even if they are down the pipeline.  I love that we have a little competition with Morpheus/Oculus/Hololens to really push us towards that completely immersive gaming experience we all really crave.

I’m just going to ignore whatever that other FF thing was.

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