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Monday of E3 has kicked off with Microsoft’s press conference, and it was an almost perfectly tailored show.  There was little to no downtime, it showcased Xbox, and just sprinkled on the extras.  This was catered to the gamers.

Xbox is looking good.  Like really good.  I mean Cuphead?!?  LOOK AT IT!!!  This along with Below, Ashen, and the other ID@Xbox titles, the indie scene is just as present on Xbox as the competition.  The stage was graced with what we expected like Halo, Tomb Raider, and Gears.  These all had strong gameplay portions that were shared which is infinitely better than more trailers.  Halo is really shaking things up after years of the same.  Squads in the solo/coop experience really seem like a perfect fit and I for one can’t wait to hop into Chief’s suit once more.  On top of that, huge multiplayer component called Warzone with 24 players which will be hard not to enjoy with Warthogs and Ghosts galore.  Gears surprised me the most of these AAA showcases.  I played them. Enjoyed them. Then left them.  This has a new feel, looks gorgeous, and I just plain wanted to play it after watching the piece.

The pacing of the show was what really stuck out for me.  With the exception of the Suit who gave an EA Access snippet, the show rarely lingered and had my attention even if I wasn’t a fan of the genre (ugh Forza).  I was nervous with the inclusion of a controller unveil and a Hololens spot, but I was relieved to see what they shared.  The controller was short and sweet with what I am sure was a huge reaction to those who like even more buttons and customization.  The Hololens presentation stunned.  With some fancy camera rig and a live demo, Minecraft (a game I can’t seem to get into) was taken to a whole new level and had me hook, line, and sinker.  This is the outset of AR, and I am anxiously awaiting the future of this technology.

They handled what we knew was coming very well and still made it exciting which is quite the feat, but what about new stuff?  With the new IPs of Scalebound, Quantum Break, and Crackdown going to Gamescom later this year, I couldn’t help but wonder is there anything left?  Apparently there are robot dogs and pirates hiding in Microsoft’s closet!  Sea of Thieves gives us not only pirate fun and exploration, but gives it to us with the opportunity to engage in the company of our blokes.  ReCore had me begging for more information.  You just can’t give me a companion army then no more information, especially since Scalebound has me asking just as many questions!!!  Regardless, it looks like a great idea and played well on the screen.

We also heard about DayZ dude’s Ion, Fallout 4 modding, Plants vs. Zombies GW2, The Division, Gigantic, Tacoma, and more that I can’t even swallow at the moment.  What got probably the biggest reaction wasn’t a game reveal or footage was the announcement of backwards compatibility.  With supposedly only a legal lift from developers, 360 games can be played on the Xbox One.  While many of us have adopted into this generation of consoles, there are many who are waiting/on the fence and this announcement made waves.  Not only is this available this holiday, it is free for the games that you already own.



It was a great show to watch.  Present and future Xbox gamers have a very bright future.



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