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EA E3 2015

Star Wars.  It is what we all wanted and EA knew it.  They wanted us to know that they knew.  They even updated us on the upcoming Battlefront presentation during their other presentations.  It was hard to get excited about much else while waiting for THE announcement, but EA certainly wasn’t making it any better.

They did start off getting everyone pumped for Mass Effect.  Andromeda takes the franchise to the next generation with a beautiful CG trailer, but unfortunately lacked any gameplay.  We saw more of Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (we got some coverage at Microsoft earlier this morning) and more car stuff with a new Need for Speed.  A ray of sunshine did grace us when we got to see a bit of a new puzzle platformer, Unravel.  It is charming, sweet, and quite pretty.

There was plenty of sports news.  If you like those, ummm looks like the next ones are coming.  Personally, I’d take a Huttball game myself.  Speaking of Huttball, SWTOR showed up to tout the new expansion.  As always they present an absolutely engaging, awesome cinematic, but I wish this had been a standalone game instead of an extension of an MMO.  Knights of the Fallen Empire sounds like another game that people have been crying for as well…

There was a mobile section.  A mobile section.  The crowd was the least enthused of everything I’ve watched thus far.  Who can blame them though.

Luckily in the midst of all the sports and other announcements, we got to hear about the new Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.  It has gone free roam and kicked out using guns completely which makes a good game sound even better!!!

It ended with Star Wars.  I’ve forgotten all else.  Just watch this and you are pretty much covered for E3.  It is all you need.

Source: EA, Rangris Gaming, Eurogamer

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