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This week we’re joined by Matt Ryan(Pixel by Pixel) to discuss 2000’s ACTION FILMS(2000-2009).

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2 Comments on 2000’s ACTION FILMS

  1. Hey guys, I finally caught up with all the episodes, and thanks for mentioning the heartbreaking news to Jenny (Hehe). And trust me, this is not urban legend or falsified– it did occur. And it was a kid actress (Judith Barsi, 10 years old). And I don’t know if it was my mistake when I commented last time, but she voiced Ducky, not Cera. Here’s her IMDB page. Anyway, you guys are great (sometimes I listen to the old episodes twice ’cause I love the discussions that happen). Keep up the awesome work, and take care.

    And to Jenny, I’m sorry I somewhat ruined The Land Before Time. 🙁

  2. haha that’s ok, Paul! News stories like that really interest me. I had to wiki the story the next day and couldn’t stop reading articles on it for about an hour. I think you probably made that movie even more special to me, if that helps 🙂

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