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Ricardo Ultreras, Brian Saur and Eric Peterson kick off the first episode of our CANNON FILMS RETROSPECTIVE.

The Film Podcast


The Apple

THE APPLE (1980)

Directed by:  Menahem Golan

 Welcome to 1994, Alphie (George Gilmour) and Bibi (Catherine Mary Stewart) a pair of backwater folk singers have entered and somehow beaten out the disco operatic rock that the masses consume  at the Worldvision Song Festival. They come to the attention of the BIM (Boogalow International Music) and it’s leader Mr. Boogalow, who has made sure that his artists won.    Alphie and Bibi  find themselves drawn into a music world of good and evil, and must fight for their souls… Creatures, the mark of the best, singing and dancing, big brother social structure, hippies and a god that drives a glowing sedan fill out this crazy cult film.

New Year's Evil


Directed by:  Emmett Alston

As punk rock Icon Blaze holds a countdown to the new year on TV. She starts to get calls from a killer, Evil, who is out to punish a ‘Naughty Girl’ each time it hits midnight in each timezone with Blaze as his last target. Can Blaze survive? Who is Evil? All will be unmasked at Midnight in LA.

Enter the Ninja


Directed by:  Menahem Golan

Cole (Franco Nero) has graduated from Ninja school and wandered out into the world. While visiting a old war buddy Frank  in the Philippines he finds himself in the middle of land war for Frank’s farm . Calling on his Ninja training he comes to the aid of Frank and his wife Mary Ann.  Lots of Ninja weapons and action.

Death Wish II


Directed by:  Michael Winner

In the first follow up to 1974’s Death Wish, it’s 8 years later and architect Paul Kersey has moved to LA and started his life over. He’s seeing progress in his daughter and has a new woman in his life.. until he is targeted by a street gang and once again victimized… now he’s back on the street taking justice into his own hands.

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