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In this week’s episode we LIST and discus our favorite VHS GEMS with Brian Saur and Eric Peterson.

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For more VHS GEMS lists head on over to Brian’s blog at:


2 Comments on VHS GEMS

  1. Gone in 60 Seconds/Junkman (1974/1982) I would call these VHS gems because for the DVD release the wife of the late, great director/stunt driver H.B. Halicki opted to cover up foul language and replace the original soundtrack with extremely generic sounding keyboard music. The impact of the movies is not necessarily diminished, but its irksome that we may never get an officially released digital copy of these spectacular car chase flicks with their intended soundtrack. This is certainly not the only instance of this (previous editions of Return of the Living Dead had soundtrack replacements as did MTV’s The State), and I’m sure there will continue to be more.

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