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2 Comments on PREQUELS

  1. When Jenny brought up Land Before Time, and Ricardo asked about the voice cast, it reminded me of the tragedy of the girl who voiced Ducky. I don’t know if you guys are aware, but the actress (Judith Barsi) was killed by her father at the age of 10, then killed her mother followed by commiting suicide. Her father was very abusive and known to drink, and was jealous of Judith for her success that he decided to take her life away. Meaning, in every sequel after the first one it was someone else. If you guys look it up, it’s really saddening and tragic what happened to her and whenever I see it, it makes me cry even more knowing that fact. It’s a disturbing fact, but I guess you guys weren’t aware of it so I wanted to bring that up (I dunno why; I’m loopy in the head. Lol).

    • Paul, You sick SOB!!!! Haha, kidding.
      That’s a CRAZY story, but now every time I watch LAND BEFORE TIME I’m going to be thinking about a murder/suicide. (sad face)
      I’m going to tell Jenny about this, she’s not going to like it, haha!

      Thanks for listening.


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